Introduction to cryptology

M1 MoSIG, INFO and AM, U. Grenoble Alpes

Lecturers: Pierre Karpman and Bruno Grenet

The documents for the first part of the cours are available on Pierre Karpman’s webpage.


Exercise sheets

Some additional documents

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Very good textbook, unfortunately quite expensive.

A slightly more difficult resource, but available for free and legally online.

More theoretical presentation, for complexity theory lovers!

From the webpage: “The Joy of Cryptography is a free undergraduate-level textbook that introduces students to the fundamentals of provable security.”

Previous year


  1. Introduction
  2. Block ciphers
  3. Symmetric encryption
  4. Hash functions
  5. Message authentication codes & Authenticated encryption
  6. Key exchange
  7. Public-key encryption
  8. Digital signatures
  9. RSA public-key encryption and signatures
  10. Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Exercise sheets



Additional documents

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