Event-based control

Collaboration with Nacim Meslem (Gipsa-lab).

Framework: E-BaCCuSS Persyval project team (2015–2019).

Supervision of Fairouz Zobiri’s PhD thesis.

We seek to control systems of ODE via state-feedback controllers with piecewise constant controls which are updated when certain events occur, i.e. when the system deviates too much from its ideal behavior. The results obtained depend naturally strongly on the chosen application domain and the standard characteristics of the system states.

  • Tracking using constant thresholds. Rejection of disturbances. Use of a state observer.
  • Stabilization using exponentially decreasing thresholds. Case of switched systems. Self-trigggered implementation.

Current research deals with contraction analysis for nonlinear systems. We also investigate the application to the control of gluciose rates for insulin dependent diabetic patients.