Event-based signal processing

Collaboration with Laurent Fesquet (TIMA).

Frameworks: E-BaCCuSS Persyval project team (2015–2019), CEE Persyval exploratory project (2013–2015).

We have delopped a whole range of signal processing algorithms for non uniform in time samples captured by asynchronous systems.

  • Finite impuse response (FIR) and Infinite impulse response (IIR) filters.
  • Specific flters in the frequency domain. They ensure high order filtering with a very low number of flter and signal samples, at the cost of unitary more complex computations.
  • Non-uniform sampling issues.

A book chapter gathers many of these issues.

Ongoing and future works deal with even more efficient algorithms simplifiying these computations or co-designing sampling and signal processing for specific applications.