Scientific, hum, responsibilities?

I have been member of the program committee/editorial board for:

I also have been an external reviewer for the following conferences/journal:

Long talks

Crypto Fun

I am the proud designeer of the Coffee block cipher family, which was presented at the prestigious ASIACRYPT 2014 conference [Slides].

My attempt at proposing a hash function standard, done during CRYPTO 2015 [Slides].

I (jointly) solved the ECDLP at Mont Saint-Michel while at CHES 2015 [Slides].

My proposal for a new IACR flag, presented at ASIACRYPT 2015 [Slides] [Black and white flag, Coloured flag] (Invited to the JoC).

An unsuccessful logo proposal for the BRUTUS research project, co-designed with Brice Minaud.

Further (still unsuccessful) proposals for the GT C2 logo, see (Ocre and Pourpre co-designed with Brice Minaud, Vert draft by myself).

A truncated presentation of a groundbreaking result announced at ASIACRYPT 2016 (joint work with Jérôme Plût) [Slides] [Video].

The JMAC MAC, designed for CRYPTO 2017 (joint work with Bart Mennink) [Slides] [Video].

Together with Joan Daemen, I was co-chair of FSE 2018's Rump Session. The proceedings are published in the newly-established ToCS journal, and are available here. The talks were also recorded, and a video is available here.

I also had great fun co-chairing ASIACRYPT 2018's Rump Session, with Craig Costello and Léo Ducas. This was the occasion of irreverent slide tampering, incitation to drink Cascade (not this one) or to eat spoonfuls of vegemite, and of the introduction of the Cards Against Cryptography game!

Ditto for FSE 2019's Session croupe, co-chaised with Brice Minaud. A video is available here.

Crypto Serious

Ever had trouble drawing TikZ pictures for a crypto paper? Then check Jérémy's Tikz for Cryptographers webpage!

Not so easy to find: FIPS 180 (May 1993), the original Secure Hash Standard, alias SHA-0 (courtesy of John Kelsey).

Crypto Friends

While a PhD student in Rennes, I had great fun sharing my office with:


You can check my GitHub webpage for programs I wrote/contributed to.

Integer sequences

I once contributed two simple sequences to the OEIS: A128546 and A133376.


A list of some books I like (not really up to date).

Liste de courses

Since arriving in Grenoble, I started practising mountaineering. You can check out my skitour and Camp to Camp profiles (in French)!

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