Each day (except wednesday) is organized around two sessions: the morning session from 9:00am to 12:00am and an afternoon session at the end of afternoon from 4:45pm until 6:45pm. The afternoon is free for scientific discussions, possibly on skis.





  • 16:30 - 18:30    Poster session (followed by a banquet)
    • Yossi Arjevani Dimension-Free Iteration Complexity of Finite Sum Optimization Problems
    • Alberto Bietti  Stochastic Optimization with Variance Reduction for Infinite Datasets with Finite-Sum Structure
    • Laurent Condat A convex approach to K-means clustering and color image quantization
    • Mohamed Ndaoud Optimal variable selection and noisy adaptive compressed sensing
    • Steven Diamond  Matrix-Free Optimization and Modeling
    • Pavel Dvurechensky  Gradient Method With Inexact Oracle for Composite Non-Convex Optimization
    • John Duchi  Composite optimization at Scale: Structures and Solvability of some non-smooth non-convex problems
    • Simon Lacoste-Julien Frank-Wolfe Algorithms for Saddle Point Problems   and  ASAGA: Asynchronous Parallel SAGA
    • Alexander Nazin  Algorithms of Inertial Mirror Descent in Convex Problems of Stochastic Optimization
    • Praneeth Netrapalli Accelerating Stochastic Gradient Descent
    • Guillaume Obozinski Cut Pursuit : fast algorithms to learn piecewise constant functions on general weighted graphs
    • Dmitry Ostrovsky Structure-Blind Signal Recovery
    • Coutney Paquette and Hongzhou Lin Generic acceleration schema beyond convexity
    • Fabian Pedregosa Proximal Asynchronous SAGA: A Scalable Parallel Method for Composite Optimization
    • Vincent Roulet  Restart, Sharpness and Acceleration
    • Damien Scieur Regularized Nonlinear Acceleration
    • Vladimir Spokoiny Adaptive nonparametric clustering
    • Masashi Sugiyama  Semi-Supervised Classification Based on Classification from Positive and Unlabeled Data
    • Alex Wein Non-Detection in Spiked Matrix Models