Research interests

My research interests are related to mathematical optimization and operations research. An originality of my early research is the application of continuous optimization techniques to discrete optimization problems: check out the overview of my HdR defence slides (in French) in Jan 2017. My current research can be included in the broad topic of algorithmic foundations of data science and AI.

Research topics

  • Optimization under uncertainty, stochastic optimization
  • Distributed optimization for machine learning
  • Nonsmooth optimization: theory and algorithms
  • (formerly) Convex optimization & combinatorial optimization

Highlight: good conferences...

With P. Mertikopoulos, I organized the conference SMAI-MODE 2018, which is the most important conference in continuous optimization in France. In a ski resort lost in the middle of Vercors, it was all-inclusive: lodging, maths and fun.

With a good group, we welcome, one year out of two, in a ski resort close to Mont Blanc, some of the leading researchers at the intersection of optimization and learning for series of workshops OSL; see the fourth edition OSL2019. 2021 session canceled :( See you next time in January 2023.