Research group DAO at LJK

The research of the team DAO focuses on mathematical optimization and machine learning to advance the theoretical foundations of data science, artificial intelligence, and decision-making systems. We also have a weekly reading group with our colleages and friends from LIG. Over the last years (pre-covid), we have had the pleasure to welcome several (young or more experienced!) researchers:
  • Spring 2020 -- Waiss Azizian (ENS)
  • Fall semester 2019 -- Nadia Brauner (UGA)
  • June 2019 -- Elnur Gasanov (KAUST)
  • March 2019 -- Sasha Rogozin (MIPT)
  • Feb. 2019 -- Welington de Oliveira (Mines de Paris)
  • Several visits over 2017 and 2018 -- Gabriel Peyre (ENS Ulm)

(Current/former) PhD Students and Post-doc