Large Eddy Simulations

LES for turbulent flows stem from the observation that, although one is often only interested in large scale coherent structures, small scales cannot just be ignored because they contribute, though non-linear effects, to large scale dynamics. They need to be parametrized through so-called sub-grid models.

Our work has followed three directions
    • the mathematical analysis of original and selective Smagorinsky models [1,2]
    • the definition and validation of dissipative anisotropic gradient models [3,4]
    • the definition and use of robust variants of the dynamic model [5]
    • the understanding of implicit sub-grid scale modeling in particle methods [6].
Our current project is to use particle methods at a sub-grid resolution in combination with classical flows solvers and LES models to study anomalous spectral behavior in scalar transport [7,8,9].

Coherent structures in a plane jet

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