An introduction to shape and topology optimization


The discipline of shape and topology optimization has aroused a growing enthusiasm among mathematicians, physicists and engineers since the seventies, fostered by its impressive technological and industrial achievements. Nowadays, problems pertaining to fields so diverse as mechanical engineering, fluid mechanics or quantum chemistry are currently tackled with such techniques, and raise new, challenging issues.



The course is divided into 7 lectures, with unequal lengths. In each case below, you will find the slides of the lectures, as well as sample codes written in FreeFem++. These personal implementations are designed from the sole knowledge of the authors, and for pedagogical purposes mainly, rather than computational efficiency. All conclusions drawn from their use should be mitigated with these points in mind!

Here is also a link to a series of videos (in French) corresponding to the lectures (course taught for the University of Tripoli, Lebanon).


The attendants are expected to gather by groups of two, and to select one of the following themes, in close connection with the lectures. They should then contact both instructors by email to give a list of three themes (sorted by rank of preference). Themes will then be attributed on a first come first served basis, and the corresponding articles will be sent to you.
Each theme contains two or three research articles (depending on the length and difficulty), and the attendants are required to make a synthesis out of them, resulting in

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