G.-H. Cottet's home page

Welcome to my home page.

I have been Professor at the Université Joseph Fourier since 1990 and senior member of the Institut Universitaire de France since 2009.
I was previously Junior Researcher at CNRS and Assistant-Professor at UCLA.

I am a member of the PDE team. My research is in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing.

I was the founding chairman LJK from its creation to 2010. From 2011 to 2014 I was the founding coordinator and chairman of AMIES, a national initiative of CNRS with INRIA and University of Grenoble, to foster interactions between mathematics and enterprises.

Use the left bar to navigate and find out my past and current projects and interests.


G.-H. Cottet and P. Koumoutsakos, Vortex methods: theory and practice, Cambridge University Press, 2000.


G.-H. Cottet, E. Maitre and T. Milcent, Level Set Methods for Fluid Structure interaction, Springer Verlag, 2022.

Companion web site for codes, movies etc ..

A great introduction to the beauty of vortices:"The Secret Life of Vortices " (computations and movie produced in the team of P. Koumoutsakos at ETH, Zurich, selected in SIGGRAPH Video Review 2008)

A movie to explain and illustrate particle methods for high resolution simulation of scalar transport.


Sedimentation on an interface with salt and sediment, from below. Semi-Lagrangian particles of vorticity and concentrations on a 1537x512x512 grid. Calculation by J.-B. Keck, ANR project MPARME.
Related paper published in Physical Review Fluids, 2021.