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Sparse Integer Matrix Collection SIMC: Sparse Integer Matrices Collection. SQUASH SQUASH : Analyse Qualitative des Systèmes Hybrides.
CalCel : Calcul Cellulaire
SHOC : Hybrid Optimal Control
FFLAS FFLAS : Finite field linear algebra subroutines.
AHA : Adaptive and Hybrid Algorithms.
InCa CoqEffects: Proving properties of programs involving computational effects.
InCa : Interfaces pour le Calcul Formel.
givaro Givaro : une bibliothèque C++ pour le Calcul Formel.
Palo Alto : arithmétique et cryptologie en architecture multi-coeurs.
SimpHom Simplicial Homology : a (proposed) GAP share package.
Online Computing Server !
LinBox Project LinBox: a generic C++ interface for exact computational linear algebra.
LinBox team, on LinBox github.
M4RI: Linear algebra over F2.
ANR HPAC ANR HPAC: High-Performance Algebraic Computations.
OpenDreamKit: Open Digital Research Environment Toolkit for the Advancement of Mathematics.
ROXANE: Reliable Open Software-Components for Algebraic and Numeric Efficiency.
LinBox Galet: Matrix multiplication schedule generator.
FFSpMV: sparse matrix-vector product over finite fields.
Shiva BGPR SafeScale : Security And Fault-tolerance to Exploit Safety ambient Computing in lArge scaLe Environments.
SHIVA, Secured Hardware Immune Versatile Architecture.
ARAMIS, Architecture Robuste pour les Automates et Matériels des Infrastructures Sensibles.
CryptoTracker Cryptotracker: cryptocurrencies data. VESPo LA-PoR : Linear algebra-based Proof of Retrievability.
RELIC cryptographic meta-toolkit.
VESPo Verified Evaluation of Secret Polynomials.
Jean-Guillaume Dumas
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Jean-Guillaume Dumas