Simplicial Homology, a (proposed) GAP share package

Jean-Guillaume Dumas Frank Heckenbach B. David Saunders Volkmar Welker
Version 1.4.7 compatible with gap4r8 (and new DirectoriesPackagePrograms)
Version 1.4.6 compatible with new DirectoriesPackageName
Version 1.4.5 compatible with gap4r5
Version 1.4.4 compatible with 64 bits architectures
Version 1.4.3 compatible with gcc-4.3 and gpc>2005
Version 1.4.2 compatible with gap4r4
Version 1.4.1 compatible with gpc-2.1
Version 1.1beta compatible with gmp-3, gcc-3

University of Delaware
 Department of Computer & Information Sciences
Last update: Thursday, December 8th 2011
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Copyright 1999 J.-G. Dumas, F. Heckenbach, B. D. Saunders, V. Welker.