Didier A. Girard homepage


CNRS Researcher, at LJK laboratory, D.A.T.A. Department, IPS team.

Principal Investigator for several CNRS-CEA Projects, including : Nonparametric estimation by multidimensional spline.


General Theory and Methodology, Computational Statistics, Inverse Problems, Inference for Stochastic Processes.
keywords: adaptive tuning; multidimensional smoothing spline; bias-variance tradeoff; generalized cross-validation; radial basis functions; numerical methods for large data sets; variational data assimilation; tomography; randomized trace; simulation based inference; measurement errors; Matern process; infill asymptotics.


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  • Un algorithme rapide pour le calcul de la trace de l'inverse d'une grande matrice. Research report RR665-M, TIM3_IMAG (1987).pdf. The correlated-sampling extension suggested here has proved useful for heteroskedastic cases, as in "Letters to the Editor: Comment on O'Sullivan" JASA, 88(424), 1993, p. 1478-1479.
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