Meeting of the ANR project Shapo (Autrans 06/04 - 08/04)

General information

The meeting takes place in l'Escandille, a vacation center in the beautiful village Autrans (Vercors), about one hour drive from Grenoble.

Accomodation: The complete stay (room + meals) is ensured by the Grenoble team!

Venue: The transport to / from Grenoble (and then to/from the center) is a priori left to the attendants. Please contact us in case of difficulty! To reach the center from Grenoble train station, there are mainly two options:
  • Local buses (bus T64 followed by T66 with a change in Lans-en-Vercors) run several times a day from Grenoble bus station (next to the train station) to Autrans, and conversely; see the webpage for more information.

  • Several taxi companies can take care of the trip (the cost is about 100 euros):
In order to share taxis, or car transfer, please fill in the form.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact the organizers: Edouard Oudet (edouard.oudet[AT] and Charles Dapogny (charles.dapogny[AT]

(Thanks to E. Bonnetier for the poster!)