8th International Conference on Event-based Control, Communication, and Signal Processing

Cracow, Poland, June 22–24 2022

Cracow image

I am Co-General Chair of this 8th edition of the EBCCSP Conference.

The past two decades have witness an upsurge in the scientific interest to harness the benefits of the event-based paradigm applied to a wide spectrum of engineering disciplines including control, communication, signal processing, and electronic instrumentation. The event-based systems, in which the system activities are triggered by events instead of progression of time, exhibit certain advantages over other approaches, such as time-triggered, for instance, in the resource-constrained applications. Specific application areas include energy-efficient control over wireless networks, energy-efficient clockless circuits and signal processing chains, bio-inspired computing architectures, or frame-free event-driven vision systems, to mention a few.

The 8th edition of the EBCCSP conference is back to Krakow, Poland. Krakow was the location of the first and second events in 2015 and 2016. It is planned to be a mixed event.

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