TK-707 Home Page

An "7x7" type midi drum sequencer for Linux,

based on functionality of Roland's TR-707

Current Version is 0.8 (March, 2005).

We are keen for people to try it and send comments & suggestions to:

Chris Willing
Pierre Saramito

Screen shots

Showing alternate 727 sound map.
Notice the flam and the accent on the grid (new feature).

Installation requires

Browse also the Alsa-supported soundcard matrix. Notice that all sound card supported by linux are supported by Alsa.

In order to hear the music, you should also have a MIDI output working on your host computers, either

You should also consult the Sound and MIDI home page for more informations about MIDI.


Download and hear a son montuno (Cuban 6/8 traditional) sample:

This sample uses accents, flams and polyrythms features of TK-707 together with the latin percussion sound map distributed with TR-707.

Here are two complete pieces designed with TK-707:

The high quality MP3 audio bases on true instrument samples.

Current functionalities

Download TK-707

Browse the TK-707 documentation, also in compressed dvi (32 kb) and postscript (68 kb), and in pdf (244 kb) formats.

Download the complete distribution tk707-0.8.tar.gz (352 kb).

CVS access

[NEW] The source code is now available via CVS access at Savannah:

    setenv CVS_RSH ssh
    cvs -z3 co tk707
    cd tk707
    make install

Binary distributions

[NEW] Binary distributions are available in two formats for various architectures:

How to help tk707 ?

NEW in Version 0.8 (march 30, 2005)

NEW in Version 0.7.21 (march 19, 2001)

NEW in Version 0.6 (september 2, 2000)

NEW in Version 0.5 (march 5, 2000)

Glitzier TK-707 home page later.

Last update: november 3, 2004.