UMR 5224

Brigitte Bidégaray-Fesquet — Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks at LJK

  • Elected member of the LJK laboratory council.
  • Manager of the LJK HAL database.
  • Communication manager.

Local responsabilities

  • Co-director for collaborative plateforms of Persyval-lab.
  • Member of the executive comittee of MaiMoSiNE.
  • Co-administrator of the Grenoble HAL portal.
  • Société des Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles (SMAI).
  • Journées EDP Rhône–Alpes–Auvergne (JERAA).

National responsabilities

  • Member of the Portail Math project committee (in charge of Useful Sites).
  • Member of the PCMath steering committee.